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This Link brings you to the Rules Repository. Here you'll find the Rules to dozens of TV Game Shows, both past and present. From classics like Pyramid and Family Feud to recent arrivals such as Greed and 2-Minute Drill

This Link brings you to another site with a few TV Game Rules not covered in the Link above such as Lingo, Pitfall, etc.

TV Game Show Rules

Are you fond of watching game shows? TV Game shows are flooding television networks nowadays. A lot of people are becoming avid fans of these TV Game shows. Why do you love these shows? TV Games shows provide total excitement to both viewers and game show participants. Most game shows offer huge price to the participants. There are even shows which entice players and contestant to win a million dollars.

If you are a TV game show aficionado, do you know the different TV Game Show Rules? There are probably more than a dozen of TV games shows every week. Rules for each game show make it more exciting. What are the different TV Game shows and their rules?

Some of the most popular TV Game shows today are Cash Cab, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Jeopardy!, and the Next Iron Chef among others. Each of these shows has specific rules which the contestant have to follow.

Cash Cab is a mobile game show. Contestants are randomly chosen and do not know that they are in a game show. The game takes place in a New York City Cab chauffeured by the game show host Ben Bailey. After the unsuspecting passenger realizes that he has become a game show contestant, the Cash Cab Rules are then given by Bailey.

The contestant has the option to stay inside the cab and continue to play the game or leave the cab. The contestant is asked with different trivia questions. The first four questions are worth $25 if answered correctly. Then the next four questions if again answered correctly are worth $50. The last remaining questions are worth $100 each. If the contestant fails to answer three questions correctly then it is the end of the ride for him.

Wheel of Fortune is another famous TV game show with a lot of followers and has been on air for a real long time. Wheel of Fortune Rules include the solving of different puzzles and gaining of money every time a puzzle is correctly answered. The game is played with a wheel which determines the value of each letter called by the contestant.

To start off, the host names a category to which the puzzle belongs. To guess the puzzle, the contestant has to spin the wheel one by one while naming each letter until the puzzle is uncovered or completely guessed. The player has also the option of guessing the puzzle earlier even with only very few uncovered letters. In the end, the player with the most money and prizes wins the game.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire is also a well received game show followed by millions of avid game show viewers. This is a quiz game show which offers up to 1 million dollars in cash price. Who Wants to be a Millionaire Rules include the solving of 15 question by the player. The questions are in multiple choice format. The player has to choose the right answer from 4 choices. As the player progresses through the game, the question becomes more difficult. As the question gets more difficult, the payoff also gets bigger. One wrong answer and game ends.

Game shows are really stealing the limelight in television shows. A lot of these shows are among the highest raters in television. Most of these games are exhilarating and commands attention from the viewers. These games also offer huge amount of prizes to players.

Finally, each game show has its own rules. Each contestant should follow the TV Game Show Rules. Failure to follow the rules means loosing the game. How about you? Are you ready to play the game and follow the rules?