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 Welcome to your one-stop search for any Sports Rules you need.

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Air Sports - Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI)-Hang Gliding Rules
-Aerobatics Rules
-Aeromodelling Rules
Human Powered Aircraft
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
-Parachuting Rules
-General Aviation Rules
-Ballooning Rules
-Microlight Rules
-Gliding Rules

Archery Rules
Archery Rules (International)
Armwrestling Rules (AAA)
Auto Racing (International Federation of Motor Sports-Codes and Regulations - FIA)

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Badminton Rules (Olympic)
Badminton Rules (USA)
Baseball-Basic Rules
Baseball-Little League Rules, including Tee-Ball and other Levels
Baseball - (Major League Baseball Rules)
Baseball (NCAA)
Baseball (Highschool-NFHS)
Basketball (NBA Official Rules)
Basketball (WNBA Official Rules) (Pro Women's)
Basketball Rules (International)
Basketball (NCAA)
Basketball (NFHS)
Basketball (National Wheelchair Basketball Association Rules)
Basketball (North American Youth)
Billiards-General Rules of Pocket Billiards

Bobsled (US Team Site)
Bobsled Rules (International)
Bocce Rules
Bocce Rules
Body Building (IFBB Amateur Rules)
Body Building (IFBB Professional Rules)
Bowling USBC
Boxing (USA Olympic)
Bumper Pool

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Canoe Rules (International - ICF)
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater Rules (Olympic)
Canoe/Kayak Slalom (Olympic)
Croquet Rules and Regulations
Croquet America (USCA)
Cross Country (NCAA)
Curling Rules (USA)
Curling Rules (International - WCF)
Cycling Rules (UCI) (International)
Cycling Rules-All Events-USA

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Dance (International)
Dart Basics
Dart Game Etiquette and Hanging Bd.
Dart Game Rules

Dice Game Rules (Every Game possible)

Diving Rules (USA Olympic)
Dog Shows (American Kennel Club)
Doping (Doping Agency for Olympic Sports in the USA)

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Equestrian Rules (International)
Equestrian Rules (USA)

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Fencing Rules (International)
Field Hockey Rules (International - FIH)
Field Hockey Rules (USA)
Field Hockey (NFHS)
Figure Skating Rules (Olympic)
Football (FIFA Intl. Soccer Rules)
Football - Arena
Football - National Football League
Football (NCAA)
Football (NFHS)
Football - Canadian Football League Rules
Football (Youth - Pop Warner)
Football - Laws of Australian Football
Football- Gaelic Football and Hurling
Flying Disk (Frisbee) (World Flying Disk Federation)
Ultimate Frisbee Rules

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Golf Rules (USGA - The Rules of Golf)
Gymnastics (National Judges Assoc. - Men's Gymnastics rules)
Gymnastics (NFHS)
Gymnastics Rules (International)

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Hockey - NHL Official Rules
Hockey - USA Hockey: Rule Book
Hockey (NCAA)
Hockey (NFHS)
Hockey (International - IIHF)
Hockey (Intl. Inline)
Hockey - Roller Hockey Rules
Hockey (USA Inline)
Hockey - Underwater Hockey
Handball Official USHA Rules
Handball Rules (European or Team Handball)
Handball (4 or 2 Wall)
Horse Shows
Hurling and Gaelic Football Rules


Jai-Alai (Rules of Jai-Alai)
Judo (USA)
Judo (International)

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Karate (USA National Karate-do Federation)
Kendo Shiai (Match) Regulations and Refereeing Rules
Korfball (International Korfball Federation)

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Lacrosse Rules (Men's and Women's)
Lacrosse (NCAA)
Lacross 2000 Rule Changes

Lawn Games

Luge Rules (Olympic)
Luge (International)

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Motorcycling (International - FIC)
Motorcycles - Side Car and Solo - USCRA - U.S. Classic Racing Association - 1999 Rules

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Netball Rules

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Paddle Rules
Pentathlon (International)
Petanque USA Rules Page
Polo Rules

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Racquetball Rules
Raquetball (Full Text)
Rifle (NCAA)
Rowing Rules (Olympic)
Rugby Rules

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Sailing (International)
Shooting - International Practical Shooting Confederation Rules (IPSF)
Shooting (International - ISSF)
Shuffle Board
Skeet Shooting Association Rules (NSSA)


Ski Jumping
Snowboarding (International)
Telemark (International)
Soccer Rules (Football) (International - FIFA)
Soccer (NCAA)
Soccer (NFHS)
Softball - ASA Amateur Softball Assoc. Rule Book
Softball (NCAA)
Softball (International - ISF)
Speed Skating (Olympic)
Speedskating (USA Long Track and Short Track Rules)
Spirit (Cheerleading) (NFHS)
Squash - Internet Squash Federation: Rules of Squash
Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronized, Open Water, Masters (International - FINA)
Swimming (USA Rules and other Publications)
Swimming (NCAA)
Swimming/Diving (NFHS)
Swimming (Olympic)
Swimming (Synchronized - Olympic)

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Table Games

Table Tennis (International - ITTF)
Taekwondo (United States Taekwondo Union: Referees)
Tennis (USTA)
Tennis (International - ITF)
Tennis (Wheel Chair Rules)
Track and Field - International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF - Rules & Regulations)
Track and Field (NCAA)
Track and Field
Track and Field (NFHS)
Triathlon Rules (USA)
Tug of War (Rules for International Competitions)

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Volleyball - International (Indoor & Beach) - U.S. (Indoor, Outdoor, Beach, Wallyball, Nine Man, ALL LEVELS)
Volleyball (International - FIVB)
Volleyball: USA Volleyball Rule Book
Volleyball (NFHS)

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Water Polo (USA)
Water Polo (NCAA)
Water Ski Federation Rules (International)
Water Skiing Rules (Canada)
Weightlifting (International - IWF - Handbook 1998-2000)
Wiffleball Rules
Wrestling (International Rules of Wrestling)
Wrestling (NCAA)
Wrestling (NFHS)

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