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Sports Game Rules Sports and games have been the most important and friendly way of competitions since time immemorial. It is however nothing better than a war, if it had been without rules. A game of sport should have proper and strict rules. All popular sports played internationally are governed by rules and regulations that all the players must follow, irrespective of their popularity, richness, outstanding performances, etc. All players are equal by the rules of the game.

Leading sports game rules like the Football rule, soccer rule, baseball rule, basketball rule, are all governed by bodies that check the discipline of the players and the rules of the game. They also have the right to change certain rules if necessary to make the game more interesting and popular.

Even the harsh and rush game like the Rugby has its own rugby rules that should be followed by all the players. Soccer may be a game that requires a lot of running and kicking of the ball, but if one touches the ball with hands except for the goal keeper or during the out throw, it is considered a serious offence. Likewise, rules are all strictly followed in all types of the game. No game can be played without a rule starting from the single or double games like the Table Tanis, Squash, and Golf to the team games like the games mention before.

Polo, the game been played with animals is also not barred from the rules, not only the players but also the animals used must follow the polo rules. The water form of the game played in water is also governed by its water polo rules. Besides the volley game, played with six players using hands is one of the best game that uses hand skills of the players.

Each and every game has its own rules depending on the type of game. One rule may be a foul for one game but may be an excellent thing to do in the other game. All rules depend on the kind of the sport. Even for a fighting and punching game like boxing, a rule of the boxing game exist that tells the player where he is allowed to punch and where he is not.

Everything may be fair in love and war, but only the things allowed by the rules are fair in sports and games. Rules are as important in games and sport as the weapons are important in wars. A game without rules can rather be called a war rather than a sport.

Discipline is the other word that follows the rule of the games. If no discipline is maintained we would be no better than the animals. The fact that we can be controlled and disciplined shows our nature as a superior being.

Rules and discipline always goes hand in hand, they are like the head and tails of the coin. Sports Game rules can also change the taste of the sports from aggressive games to gentle games. They determine the quality of the game. It also attracts the people according to its rules.

Besides a person can be known from the type of the games he or she plays and gives interest in. It is one of the most important factors for determining the type of person. Players who can?t be abided by the rules of a game are most unlikely to fit in the society.

Sport Games rules with its vast type of discipline a player can make a person to have a broad mind. A person who does not play any type of games may not be an ideal person. Hence we conclude that these rules are not only useful during the game but are also useful off-field in the society.

1. Sports is an activity that is present in most people?s lives, both those who practice it and even for those who are just fans or like to watch a game. All sports games are guided and regulated by specific rules. If it were not like this such games would be subject to cheating, lack of fairness and deception.

2. Soccer and football are very popular sports. They both have a set of rules which guide the players and the referee as well. Football and Soccer rules are numerous and they deal with practical issues dealing with the size of the ball and the rules of the game itself such as kickoff, corner kicks, penalties and positions. Another major area of soccer and football game rules is the cards and fouls which are ways of ensuring fair play.

3. The way the field is set up, divided and marked is also regulated by a set of rules. This is not only the case in soccer but also in other sports. In baseball for instance a lot if emphasis is placed on the field where the game is played and the players? positioning and the bases.

4. Such rules will have a direct effect on other rules. Baseball rules deal with infielders, outfielders and types of strategies such as defensive, pitching and fielding. The scores rules also play an important role in baseball games since there are a number of rounds involved.

5. Other sports which have rules which place quite some emphasis on the way the players are positioned include water polo and hockey. In the case of water polo rules cover areas dealing with positioning in offense, defence and goalie. Other rules deal with ball handling techniques, passing and shooting.

6. Hockey rules besides including guidelines for players? positioning also place importance on the type of equipment used to play the game. This also applies in other sports such as golf for instance, where the club and ball are the main elements in the game. The course layout is also very important and golf rules regulate this.

7. Sports such as volleyball, basketball and handball also have rules. However one has to note that since the main elements in such games are the particular ball and the net or hoop, then rules are not as complicated and numerous as in other sports. In these games rules are more generic and deal with number of players, positioning and the way points are gained.

8. There are also a number of sports which have more rules dealing with the equipment used to carry out the game. Such sports include surfing and skiing for example. Surfing rules have a direct connotation with the type of sailing boat used, whereas skiing rules place emphasis on the skis and bindings for example.

9. There are also sports such as boxing and wrestling, which do not use equipment to be carried out and consequently rules are not numerous. On the other hand there are sport games such as curling and bowling where precision and targeting play a crucial role rather than several stringent rules. Such games also require equipment, but other than that relatively speaking curling rules and bowling rules are not as abundant as in other sports.

10. Each and every sport has rules, and one has to appreciate their importance. A player needs to be fully aware of them in order to perform as best as possible while playing. A fan should also be aware of what the rules of the game are in order to better assess a player?s performance and a referee?s decision. Were it not for sports any game would end up confused and meaningless.