Classic and modern books for children up to age 6. Recommended books for young boys and girls. A great way to entertain your children and help them learn history and reading.

The Cellar
Eddie Series
Pee Wee Scouts
You Cheat
Weird Wolf
Kids of the Polk Street School
The Big Cheese
Rhymin Simon
Sycamore Street
Flatfoot Fox
Betsy Series
Pioneer Cat
Jeremiah in the Dark Woods
Jenny Archer
Adventures of Goliath
The Chalk Box Kid
How to Be Cool in the Third Grade
Beans on the Roof
No Tooth, No Quarter
The Jenny Summer
The Seven Treasure Hunts
The Day it Rained Forever
My Name is Maria Isabel
The Dog That Pitched A No-Hitter
N-O Spells No
Aliens for Breakfast
The Case of the Elevator Duck
Abuela's Weave
Wonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher
Second-Hand Magic
Halmoni and the Picnic
Zero's Slider
The Julian Series
Tales of Belva jean Copenhagen
Millie Cooper, 3B
Violet's Finest Hour
Snakes Are Nothing to Sneeze At
Scoop Snoops
Roommates Series
Lila on the Landing
Elaine and the Flying Frog
Cory Coleman, Grade 2