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Every Rule carries exactly what you need, including Ceramic Molds .

Artform 1978 "Large Football Helmet" Plaster Casting Ceramic Mold$35.00

1996 Dona D-1486 Ginger Santas Christmas Ornaments Ceramic Slip Cast Mold$4.99

Vintage Albertas Mold Ceramic Ornament A-239 Indian Mouse 1981 Christmas Holiday$6.99

Duncan 1076 Holly Leaves And Berries Small Christmas Ceramic Slip Cast Mold$4.99

ceramic mold holland mold 613 base$30.00

Ceramic mold, Stangren Originals #49(?), Medium Sized Nut Dish$5.00

Kelly 750 Santa, Bear, Stocking, Sleeping Cat Ornaments Ceramic Slip Cast Mold$4.99

ceramic mold group of 6 small aminals swan whale duck bear rabbit kitten$15.00

Ceramic mold, Gare #1206, "Biggest Boob Award" Plaque$5.00

McNees Mini Mold Elf (October) M419 Ceramic Mold$15.00

Doc Holiday #231 "Soup & Crackers Bowl" Plaster Casting Ceramic Mold$5.00

Ceramic mold, White Horse(?) #1009, Upper Torso (Boobs) Shot Glass$3.50



Oasis 238 Lg Rattlesnake ceramic mold (2 molds)$6.95

Ceramic mold Bird mold no 305 demin planter$25.00

E.S. Mold #1091 "Small Cup Or Pot" Plaster Casting Ceramic Mold$9.95

Gare 3632 Bingo Santa ceramic mold$24.95

1994 Dona D-1230 Christmas Girl Gingerbread Ornaments Ceramic Slip Cast Mold$4.99

Ceramic Decorative Molds$9.99
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